Tow Truck 2000 - Tow Management Software To Make You More Profitable
Tow Truck 2000 - Tow Management Software To Make You More Profitable

Tow Management Software To Make You More Profitable

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Tow Truck 2000 is leading the tow industry by providing Tow Management Software that anticipates the needs of your growing tow business.

Nine years of working with the towing industry has produced a software package with inside knowledge of how the towing industry works. Built with the cooperation of several Nordstrom Promo Code successful towing companies, Tow Truck 2000 is constantly growing and changing. It is easily maintained and is designed to run quickly enough to keep up with your fast-paced business. Clear & concise reports and screens reduce conflict with your clients.

Tow Truck 2000 makes the towing business a no-brainer. Your business will run smoother than it ever has. There is no program in the industry that provides more features for less money. We are so confident that you will experience a significant reduction in time spent with each client (over a paper-only system) that we guarantee that you will recover the cost of the program in less than four months.

Front Desk/Cash Register

  • Secure Loginwith passwords protects your data from prying eyes. More importantly, any changes that are made can be tracked.
  • Auto-calculate storage & towing feesreduce user calculation errors while providing employee accountability.
  • Pickup Locationsgives you one easy place to look up everything about that property. This includes contact information, patrol and contract status, and towing rate. This speeds up Dispatch functions and improves accuracy of tows.
  • Notification Lettershelp you recover lost expenses from unclaimed vehicles. Notification Letters include: First & Second Notification Letters / Lienholder Letters / Auction Letters or Mailers.
  • Cash Registerfunction automatically figures balance due and assists your staff with vehicle releases.
  • Job Orders & Invoicesare time-proven Nordstrom Promotion Codeto be accurate and reduce conflict with regulatory authorities.
  • End of Shift & End of Day Reportshelp you reconcile your drawer for each shift as well as totals at the end of the day. These reports provide a snapshot of all activity for that shift or day (tows, releases, income, and expenses).

Back Office Reports

  • Receipt & Expense Reportsimprove accuracy of end-of-shift and end-of-day procedures.
  • Past Due Reportallows you to select all vehicles older than 30 days that have not been reclaimed.
  • Lot Aging Reportallows you to age vehicles on the lot that have not been disposed or reclaimed.
  • Location Tow Analysisgives you a report of tows by pickup location zip code and location name.
  • City Tow Reportgives you a report of tows by pickup location city, sorted by driver and by month (both by tow date and by release date).
  • Zero Tow Reportgives you a report of locations that have no tows.
  • Payroll/Commission Reporthelps you get ready for payroll.
  • Export Data to a file for use with Excel or other programs.

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